Chocosapiens® brand

Chocosapiens Cacao Arriba chocolate, the millenary Cacao Arriba experience. Designed by Nuno Acosta and Nuno Studio.

Hand selected beans from Arriba cocoa millenary trees, an original specie from Ecuador with 5.000 years of history. Chocosapiens is a chocolate made with Cacao Arriba, one of the best cocoa from the world. Single origin, fair trade and locally grown to bring you the millenary cocoa experience.

Cocoa Arriba is a denomination of origin from Ecuador

An appellation of origin is a special kind of geographical indication generally consisting of a geographical name or a traditional designation used on products which have a specific quality or characteristics that are essentially due to the geographical environment in which they are produced.


Specialty selection: process from bean to bar

With the Cacao Arriba bean selected, fermented and dried, the journey into the transformation of our cacao into the elements of chocolate. Nature and chemistry in a passionate dance, binding its molecules into the new chocolate flavor to be.

The magical making of our chocolate
Coco transforms into chocolate. It takes time, dedication, passion to make it possible. Premium chocolate all over the world includes a small amount of Cacao Arriba exported from Ecuador. Imagine the taste of a 70% or 80% specialty cocoa chocolate.

Enjoy our single origin specialty chocolate made of Cacao Arriba
From a bean to your mouth, enjoy all the flavor of the Cacao Arriba converted in our premium chocolate. Your are about to taste on e of the finest chocolates in the world, enjoy it with all your senses, what you will taste will change your idea of chocolate forever.

A global experience

When you enter, storytelling and shop one of the best Chocosapiens Cacao Arriba chocolate and made with Cacao Arriba cocoa. Our ecommerce website will let you buy our chocolate.